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Weight Loss Runcorn: Nutritional Advice. Diet Plans & Weight Management

From experience I have always found that people struggle the most with nutrition. I fully understand that if you have a family, work commitments and a busy lifestyle it can be hard to follow a specific nutrition plan.

Nutrition and healthy eating can also be confusing. The majority of people are never really educated on healthy eating - as we grow our parents influence our eating habits and food choices, and we often continue the same habits into adulthood. Many people will try to eat healthily but they don't understand what healthy foods are. Food companies know this, and many use ‘fat free’ and ‘diet’ labelling to persuade you that they are therefore healthy products, but they don't highlight the fact that unhealthy additives are often present.

I have a slogan regarding the food I ask Shredders to consume, it’s cheesy but true: “If it’s from the ground, it’s sound.” For too long people have relied on processed food which is high in carbohydrates and high in sugar, and this contributes to your weight gain. If you consume more calories than your body requires on a daily basis and you don't burn it off, then it gets stored as fat, it's as simple as that.

My aim is to dispel some of the myths surrounding nutrition, to show you how healthy eating can transform your fitness, and to ensure your body gets the right fuel as you shred body fat and progress towards a whole new level of personal fitness and wellbeing. 

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