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What is Shredders?
Shredders is a fitness training programme based on a passion for healthy living. I use a friendly, supportive teamwork approach to help shred your body fat and improve your fitness. And you won't be doing it alone...

When are the workouts?
Mondays 7pm-8pm
Wednesdays 7pm-8pm

Shredders also receive home workout videos via web links

Where are the transformation training sessions?
We use a private studio in the Heath Leisure Suite Gym,  The Heath Business & Technical Park, Runcorn WA7 4QX

What's included in the programme?
RESULTS through our training, support and guidance on nutrition.

On joining, you're immediately part of the group, training alongside like minded people who want to get in shape and transform thier fitness levels. With similar goals, the shared experience brings people together, supporting and encouraging each other, creating new friendships. Of course, it suits some people to train alone, but Shredders is all about the shared experience and mutual support, and having fun whilst you're pursuing your goals

  You'll also get-

So, Shredders is much more than a gym class - it's a fitness transformation programme. If your goal is to lose body fat, improve energy levels and improve body confidence, then Shredders is for you. The programme is designed specifically in line with your goals. Combining support, nutrition and training, it really is the complete fitness regime to get you results.

But don’t just take my word for it - checkout - our results so far. I've certainly been impressed with members of the Shredders team - hopefully you will be too! I look forward to welcoming you aboard...

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