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Have you ever joined a gym and stopped attending after a few weeks?

When people make that decision to join a gym or change their body composition they are motivated, enthusiastic and determined but a lot of people don't have a plan, support or the knowledge required to achieve their goals and because they don't have these tools it's easy to lose commitment and determination quickly.

At Shredders you transform your body alongside people in a similar position to you. Of course you're ultimately their to achieve your individual goals but you do this with people who want the same results as you, train just like you and go through the same daily challenges as you. Everyone is welcomed into the group and this togetherness creates a supportive community, we're like our own Shredders family.

My support is very important. If you train alone in a gym your not accountable to anyone so it's easy to make excuses not to attend but at Shredders you're accountable to me. I make sure you stay focussed and I get the best out of you. This could be by pushing you to grind out that extra rep in a session or reviewing your body measurements to make sure your progressing. If you ever have a question simply post it on our Shredders Support group or contact me and I guarantee to reply within 24 hours.

Results matter to you and me so I provide a number of tools to give you the best chance of changing your lifestyle, you just have to take action and the results will follow.

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